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Thomas Padilla (Michigan State University) has shared the slides and notes from his presentation for the RUSA History Librarians Discussion group panel that explored the ‘role/s of humanities librarians in the digital humanities.’ Harriett Green (University of Illinois) also presented with Padilla.

His talk in part discusses the evolving nature of the Digital Scholarship Collaborative at Michigan State. The Collaborative, which draws from librarians devoted to digital humanities from different departments within the Michigan State Library, empowers librarians at Michigan State to tackle challenging projects that can be directly applied on campus. “It is one thing to point to a number of use cases, its another thing entirely to be able to say look at this great thing we’ve prepared for you, here are the research possibilities we’ve uncovered, lets have a conversation about how you or your students might realize their own insights working with this data.” Finally, Padilla shared some relevant topics that emerged during the question and answer session that are worthy of continued consideration:

  • Charting the relationship between DH Librarian, Disciplinary Faculty, and Subject Librarian
  • Negotiating text and data mining rights
  • Supporting DH without ‘technical’ skills
  • DH needs assessment
  • Methods for DH engagement on campus


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