RECOMMENDED: Wrapping up DH 2014, Lausanne (Part 1) 1

The international Digital Humanities 2014 conference was held last week in Lausanne, Switzerland. Martin Grandjean and Yannick Rochat have created a visualization of the DH2014 network on Twitter; and ADHO has compiled a Storify with an overview of the conference. The full program of abstracts is available online. Dario Rodighiero has distributed his stunning visualization of DH2014 presentation keywords. Videos of plenaries by Bruno Latour, Ray Siemens, Bethany Nowviskie, and Sukanta Chaudhuri have been posted.

Wrap up posts and links to slides and text from plenaries, papers, panels, and posters are just beginning to filter out. Given the nature of the conference, myriad sessions were of interest to the dh+lib community. Readers may be particularly interested in works that focused more explicitly on the relationship between dh and libraries; these included Scholars’ Lab’s Bethany Nowviskie’s community keynote, “Digital Humanities in the Anthropocene”; MITH’s Trevor Muñoz and Jen Guiliano’s paper on “Making Digital Humanities Work”; Pratt’s Chris Allen Sula’s poster, “Visualizing the Bibliography of Philosophy”; and British Library’s Adam Farquhar and James Bakers’ poster on “Interoperable Infrastructures for Digital Research: A proposed pathway for enabling transformation,” among many others. A preconference workshop led by Jacqueline Hettel (Stanford), Purdom Lindblad (Scholars’ Lab), James Baker (British Library), Padraic Stack (NUI Maynooth), Alex Gil (Columbia), Laura Miller (Scholars’ Lab), and Chris Bourg (Stanford) focused on “Methods for Empowering Library Staff Through Digital Humanities Skills.”

We’ll post a part 2 to this post next week, as more content from DH2014 presenters and attendees makes its way online.

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