Registry of DH and Library Sites

3b48851rDo you offer digital humanities or digital scholarship support at your library/institution? Do you have a website? Add it to our list!

dh+lib is seeking to compile a registry of websites of groups that offer DH and digital scholarship services. At the Digital Humanities Interest Group meeting at ALA Annual, many of you mentioned frequently looking at other institution’s websites to see how your peers are offering DH services. This cyberstalking is tedious and boring! Take a minute to add your information to our open registry and make all of our lives easier.

The registry is at


Fine print:

  • The information you submit will be publicly available.
  • This list intentionally collects the bare minimum of information. Since we are all constantly adapting how we offer DH support and services, a list of people/projects/services/etc. would immediately become outdated. The idea is that by collecting URLs, we assume (dangerously) that each institution will keep a more current list of the details relevant to its DH group.
  • Is there any criteria for who should or should not fill out the spreadsheet? No! Our goal is to create a resource that’s useful to librarians doing DH work. We’re not looking to draw lines or get involved in definitions. If you have something to share that your colleagues would find useful, please do.
  • What if you want to add your group but you don’t have a website? You’re more than welcome to add your group – there is a Notes field where you can add any relevant info you’d like to share (e.g. Does the group have representatives from the library? Are you planning for a new space? Do you offer workshops or other events to your campus community?).
  • What if you’re the only person doing DH at your institution? Same as above. You’re welcome to add yourself, and use the Notes field to describe your work.
  • All questions on the spreadsheet are optional. Some may not want to give their contact info. Some may not have formalized the name of their group yet. Provide whatever info you feel comfortable with.

Contact with questions.

Zach Coble

Zach is the Digital Scholarship Specialist at New York University.