We’re Looking for a New dh+lib Review Editor

The dh+lib Review, a volunteer-driven weekly roundup of DH material, is looking for an editor to join the editorial team.

The editor will work with the current dh+lib Review team (Caro Pinto and Roxanne Shirazi) to produce each week’s Review and will be the primary contact person for our editors-at-large. Review editors work on rotations: every week, one of the three editors leads the production effort, relying on content nominated by editors-at-large. The lead editor is responsible for selecting content to feature, writing short contextual posts, and distributing the review to the listserv and social media, while the other two editors (with the input of dh+lib site editors) copyedit the posts prior to publication. The editor will join this rotation, and will be responsible for helping to maintain the Review’s technology by providing regular feedback to the PressForward project. S/he will also lead efforts to recruit editors-at-large.

We’re looking for someone who:

  • can commit 3-5 hours per week for duration of 2015 (or beyond);
  • writes concisely;
  • has willingness to troubleshoot WordPress-related things;
  • is familiar with digital publishing;
  • and has an editorial eye.

The dh+lib Review began as an experiment in online publication, and we’ve presented posters and organized panels for major conferences, including Digital Humanities 2014 and DLF Forum. We’d like to keep that experimental edge, so we’re looking for someone who’s willing to think creatively about adapting the Review to the evolving needs and interests of our readers. We are a team of volunteers who are flexible about working together to keep the ship afloat.

If you’re interested, please send a brief statement of interest to dhandlib.acrl@gmail.com by March 6. And feel free to contact us with questions. We plan to train the incumbent during the Spring semester, with the expectation they’ll take over by the Summer.

The Editors

The Editors of dh+lib, Zach Coble, Sarah Potvin, and Roxanne Shirazi.