CFP: Debates in the Digital Humanities 2017

Matthew K. Gold (City University of New York) and Lauren Klein (Georgia Tech), editors of Debates in the Digital Humanities 2017, have released a call for proposals . Suggested topics of particular interest to those working in libraries, archives, and museum include:

  • DH, diversity, and difference. How should DH account for diversity and difference–in terms of race, gender, ability, and other areas–across the communities that it sustains, the audiences it addresses, and the projects it supports?
  • DH, the disciplines, and allied fields. How should DH be framed in relation to other humanities disciplines and departments? How do (or might) allied fields such as STS, design, computational social science, information science, and the history of computing inform or be informed by the debates in the digital humanities?
  • DH, libraries, and LIS schools. How is DH being integrated into 21st-century libraries? How should it be? To what extent should the research and teaching of DH and LIS programs be aligned?
  • DH and institutional contexts–what does DH look like at different educational levels and in institutional types?
  • What shared visions exist between DH initiatives and GLAM institutions? What institutional, political, and disciplinary divides complicate those visions?
  • DH and its publics. How is DH practiced (or how should it be) when focused on publics outside the academy? What does DH look like when focused on civic advocacy and action?
  • Histories and futures of the digital. How might alternate (or additional) genealogies of the field challenge existing formations of DH and suggest future possibilities?

See the full list of potential topics and submission details on the CFP page. 300-word abstracts are due November 2.

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