Introducing dh+lib Scene Reports 25

notebook-SRlogoDo you ever wonder what digital humanities (DH) programs are simmering at other institutions? How others got involved with DH or libraries and archives? What emergent theory is guiding this area? How galleries and museums are encountering and implicated by DH (and vice versa)?

dh+lib is pleased to introduce Scene Reports, a series that aims to tell the broader story of DH and galleries, libraries, archives, and museums (GLAM) through short interviews or write ups, looking at the theorists and practitioners, the communities and scenes, that make up the larger picture of GLAM DH.

At a moment when our community is growing and shifting in both subtle and substantial ways, Scene Reports constitute a lightweight, collaborative ethnographic effort to represent the diversity and reach at the intersection of GLAM and DH. The series kicks off with a look at the people and work coming out of liberal arts colleges, as represented by attendees at the 2015 Digital Library Federation Forum’s Liberal Arts Colleges Preconference (#dlfLAC).

dh+lib seeks to publish reports from all different types of institutions and individuals: we want the full scope of our community to be represented here. We expect to be collecting Scene Reports on a rolling basis, with intermittent calls for participation.

If you’re interested in contributing, see the CFP for more information. Also, take a look at the first two posts in the series – dh+lib Editor Sarah Potvin (Texas A&M University) interviewing Laurie Allen (Haverford College), and Allen interviewing fellow #dlfLAC co-chair Kelcy Shepherd (Amherst College), which will go live on Friday, October 23, 2015 – to get a sense of what a Scene Report looks like. Keep an eye out for the first round of #dlfLAC Scene Reports, to be published before the end of 2015

The Editors would like to thank three wonderful colleagues: dh+lib Contributing Editor Josh Honn (Northwestern University), who suggested the framing of Scene Reports, and Laurie Allen and Kelcy Shepherd, enthusiastic and insightful pilots of the process.

The Editors

The Editors of dh+lib, Zach Coble, Sarah Potvin, and Roxanne Shirazi.

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