RESOURCE: DLF Code of Conduct

The Digital Library Foundation (DLF) has released a revised code of conduct in advance of the 2016 DLF Forum in Milwaukee. The code applies to the Forum as well as other DLF in-person events. Revisions to the code of conduct were undertaken with the goal of making the Digital Library Federation “a welcoming organization and the focal point for a digital library culture that is anti-oppression, recognizes intersectionalities, and works compassionately across difference.”

Together, DLF members advance research, learning, social justice, and the public good through the creative design and wise application of digital library technologies. We know that the best problem-solving and critical thinking happens when people with a wide array of experiences and perspectives come together to work in comfort and safety as peers. We therefore expect participants in the DLF community to help create thoughtful and respectful environments where that interaction can take place.

The revised Code of Conduct, developed by DLF with feedback from the 2016 Forum Inclusivity Committee and the DLF Advisory Committee‘s community advisors, cites charters and codes from Scholars’ Lab, the Digital Humanities Summer Institute, Geek Feminism, and others as sources of inspiration.

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