CFP: Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries (Gothenburg, Sweden)

From the call:

DHN calls for abstracts for its 2017 conference in Gothenburg, Sweden. The conference is organised by the Centre for Digital Humanities at the University of Gothenburg and will be held at the Conference Centre Wallenberg, March 14–16, 2017.

DHN2017 invites submission of abstracts on any aspect of the digital humanities, but we particularly welcome contributions that address the topics below:

Nordic Textual Resources and Practices

As a number of databases with texts are emerging through critical editorial and other digitization projects, there is need for close collaboration on the possibilities for exploring, merging and comparing the collections across borders. We encourage proposals on practices, tools, platforms and analyses for new kinds of collaborations.

Visual and Multisensory Representations of Past and Present

This topic explores visualization in its many different configurations (visual, audible and multi-sensory) not only as a representation of data, but also as an interface, a mode of interpretation, and a tool for critical analysis. We invite scholars who want to explore and demonstrate visualizations in – and of – digital humanities, and within the fields of cultural heritage, digital culture, artistic practices, and platforms for research.

The Digital, the Humanities, and the Philosophies of Technology

How do the fields of media theory and different philosophies of technology concerning the relation of man, machine and environment relate to current debates within the field of digital humanities? How can we apply for example posthuman, media archaeological, philosophical and anthropocentric perspectives to the question of the digital within the academic practice?

Proposals will be accepted for posters, long papers, short papers, panels, and pre-conference workshops. The deadline for submission is November 15, 2016.

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