RESOURCE: Developing the Librarian Workforce for Data Science and Open Science

In April 2019, National Library of Medicine’s Office of Strategic Initiatives held a workshop to explore how librarians can become more deeply involved in data and open science, and to identify the skills needed to do so successfully. The workshop convened library practitioners with experience working on DS/OS issues from a range of scientific disciplines, as well as faculty from schools of library and information science. The report, “Developing the Librarian Workforce for Data Science and Open Science,” summarizes those activities and findings. From the abstract:

This report summarizes the discussions and major themes that emerged from a 1.5-day workshop on Developing the Librarian Data Science and Open Science Workforce held April 15-16, 2019 at the National Library of Medicine (NLM). The workshop aimed to identify the set of skills that librarians will need to advance work in data science and open science (DS/OS). Workshop participants included practitioners who provide DS/OS services, as well as faculty from schools of library and information science who are advancing DS/OS in academic settings.

In addition to offering an overview of the landscape of data science and open science services and support in libraries, several core competencies were identified for librarians in these areas, including data and computational skills, research and subject matter knowledge, traditional library skills, skills for developing programs and services, interpersonal skills, and skills for lifelong learning. Although the report generally focuses on biomedical research environments, the findings may help inform future LIS curriculum and professional development opportunities for library professionals looking to grow in data and open science support.


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