CFParticipation: DH and Proto-DH Conferences

Scott B. Weingart (Carnegie Mellon University) and Nickoal Eichmann-Kalwara (University of Colorado Boulder) are asking for participation for the DH community to complete a list of conferences “explicitly considered ‘Digital Humanities’ (or any translation thereof),” in order to add to a history of DH. An editable Google spreadsheet to add conferences to can be found here.

This is a continuation of Weingart and Eichmann-Kalwara’s longitudinal analysis of ADHO conferences, and also is an effort towards creating a central database of Digital Humanities conference data to include proto-DH conferences, especially those before 2004.

dh+lib Review

This post was produced through a cooperation between Esther Brandon, Elisa Coghlan, Hannah Hopkins, Jennifer Matthews, Robin Miller, Race MoChridhe, and Isaac Williams (Editors-at-large for the week), Caitlin Christian-Lamb (Editor for the week), and Nickoal Eichmann-Kalwara, Linsey Ford, Ian Goodale, and Pamella Lach (dh+lib Review Editors).