OPPORTUNITY: Digital Humanities Fellowships, American Philosophical Library

The American Philosophical Society (APS) Library is seeking applications for one-month, project-based digital humanities fellowships. These fellowships are open to scholars at all stages of their careers, including graduate students, and include a $3,000 stipend once the successful applicant has arrived at the Library. The APS is seeking projects that, per the announcement:

1) utilize the APS’s Library holdings to advance a digital component of an independent research project, or

2) seek to apply existing tools and expertise to digital projects developed in collaboration with the Library’s Center for Digital Scholarship. Possible collaborative projects will focus on the Center’s Open Data Initiative and would explore data sets created from either a) the Benjamin Franklin postal records kept during his tenure as Postmaster of Colonial Philadelphia, 1748-1752, or b) datasets created from a stout volume of indenture records for servants and redemptioners coming through the port of Philadelphia during the 1770s. Applicants interested in working on these project need not have special expertise in early American history.

The deadline for the fellowships is March 6th, 2020. To apply, visit https://apply.interfolio.com/69515.

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