PROJECT: Fighting Fascist Spain: The Exhibit

Montse Feu, an associate professor at Sam Houston State University, introduces Fighting Fascist Spain: The Exhibit, a project that visualizes the story of the Sociedades Hispanas Confederadas (SHC), a group of US Hispanic cultural and mutual aid societies devoted to the antifascist cause. This group was known for its activism and publication of, particularly through its activism and antifascist publications, such as España Libre (1939-1977), which was the longest sustained antifascist bilingual periodical in the United States. The exhibit, sponsored by the Grants-in-Aid of the US Latino Digital Humanites (USLDH) program, “intends to recover and make available worker antifascist visual culture. As physical objects, images in US Spanish-language periodicals are fragile. This digital collection will document otherwise disappearing memories of local and global networks of political protest and solidarity.”

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