Submission Guidelines

dh+lib publishes original posts that offer GLAM perspectives on digital humanities and digital scholarship. We have been proud to include posts that announce new initiatives, report on events of note to the DH and library community, provide overviews of the field, respond to the scholarly literature on DH and libraries, comment on larger issues, or write up a case study of an institutional project.

Our 2012 survey of the ACRL Digital Humanities Discussion Group revealed interest in a wide range of original content. Particularly strong community interest was expressed around original posts that provided case studies or write-ups of projects, or commented on best practices around DH librarianship. A write-up of those survey results, including suggestions for original content, is available here.

We welcome proposals for original posts. If you are interested in writing, please contact us at with a one-paragraph abstract and brief biographical information. Note that all content on the site is published under a CC BY-NC license, unless otherwise requested.

Articles contributed to dh+lib will be reviewed for quality, relevance, length, and style. Where applicable, edits will be suggested to the author. Once a piece has undergone review and been accepted for inclusion on dh+lib, authors must approve the final version to be published.

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