For Applicants

Notice regarding 2020-2021 academic year: Due to the challenges and complexities associated with travel and face-to-face meetings in the coming year, we are delaying the program until the 2021-2022 academic year.  If you have started your job as a first time director in 2020, we encourage you to apply now.


  • The first criterion is for the individual to be in their very first year as a college library director in the USA. (For the 21-22 cohort, applicants who became directors in 2020 will be eligible) Participants may have served as library directors at other types of institutions, but the key qualification is they have not previously served as college library directors.
  • The program is designed for library directors at small colleges, which usually means institutions with an FTE of fewer than 3,500 undergraduate students.
  • Participants must have a master’s degree in library science from an ALA-accredited library school.

Ready to apply? The deadline for applications for the 2021-2022 cohort is July 15, 2021. It’s not too early to think about applying for the coming year. Here is our application form.