The registration fee is $1250.00 which covers the cost of the seminar and the travel between the first-year director’s and mentor’s institutions. Please note, however, that the registration fee is subject to moderate periodic increases in accordance with general increases in the cost of goods and services. Some reduction in the registration fee is possible for small libraries with very modest budgets. In addition, travel to the seminar and housing and evening meals at the seminar are responsibilities of the participant. Costs of these items may range from $500 to $750, depending upon the distance of the first-year director from the seminar’s location.

The fee is used for a variety of expenses related to the program. Both the first-year library director and the mentor are reimbursed for expenses involved in travel to each others institution, including meals and overnight stays (if necessary). The fee is also used for postage for the letters to the participants and the mentors. A large portion of the fee goes towards the expenses of the seminar, including meals at the seminar, travel and housing of the seminar leaders, preparation of materials and mailings, room costs (if any) of the meeting room at the host institution, and modest honoraria for those involved, including individuals at the host institution who often spend considerable time on local arrangements. The College Library Directors’ Program is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and the fees are intended to cover expenses only.