For Deans & Provosts

What can the College Library Director Mentoring Program do for your your newly hired library director?

Our program has a wonderful track record of assisting first time library directors to adjust quickly to their new role and to become valuable assets to their institutions.

The faculty of our three-day seminar are experienced and successful directors who have a passion for sharing those experiences while leading others to understand their management and leadership roles on their campuses.

The program also includes an experienced library director in your geographical area who will serve as a personal mentor for your new librarian. The mentor can supply encouragement and support as well as management tips and an outside viewpoint on important issues.

The last “leg’’ of the program is a widely used discussion list which includes past seminar participants who can and do provide thoughtful practical responses to questions raised by new participants.

We encourage you to consider supporting your new library director’s participation in this well-proven program. If your library director is accepted, we will request a letter from you with an indication of financial support from the institution.