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2022 Publications

Calling all DOLS members: The Research & Publications Committee wants to celebrate what you’re writing, designing, and saying! Please share your publications, posters, and presentations via this brief Google Form. We know distance and online learning is only one piece of the larger educational puzzle, so if your publications are outside that scope… share them just the same! To view the full library of past member publications, access the Member Publications collection within the ACRL DOLS Zotero library.

Ballard, B. (2022, January 3). Do right when you cite: Teaching and modeling the politics of citation. Informed Librarian Online.

Ballard, B. (2022, June 1). Your end of year writing assignment. Informed Librarian Online. 

Ballard, B. & Holmes, C. (2022, April 25). Determining and implementing ADA accommodations in an academic library: A true story [Conference presentation]. Conference on Academic Library Management. 

Dalal, H. A., Charles, L. H., Dempsey, M., Cara, B., Bushby, R. D., & Dalrymple, J. (2022). Intentional librarian-student interactions during COVID-19. Journal of Information Literacy, 16(1), 144.

Valenza, J. K., Dalal, H., Mohamad, G., Boyer, B., Berg, C., Charles, L. H., Bushby, R., Dempsey, M., Dalrymple, J., & Dziedzic-Elliott, E. (2022). “First years’ information literacy backpacks: What’s already packed or not packed?” The Journal of Academic Librarianship, 48(4), 102566.