The Distance and Online Learning Section’s Web Committee continuously strives to build an inclusive, accessible web experience. We selected our WordPress theme and stock photography with inclusivity and accessibility in mind and regularly review new site content for accessibility barriers. If you experience a barrier or exclusion on our website, please contact the Web Committee co-chairs.

DOLS Website Content Accessibility Checklist


  • Color alone is not used to convey meaning
  • Color meets contrast requirements

Learn more: Color Contrast Checker: Web Aim


  • There is only one h1 (the title)
  • Headings are nested appropriately and not skipped

Learn more: Semantic Structure: Web Aim


  • Reduce use of complex images (ex. Infographics)
  • Include descriptive alt text

Learn more: Alt Text for images: Web Aim


  • Link text is unique and descriptive

Learn more: Descriptive Links: Web Aim


  • Non-image content is coded, not presented as a complex image


  • Tables include descriptive captions
  • Table rows and/or columns have headers

Learn more: Accessible Tables: Web Aim


  • Fields are arranged logically
  • Fields are keyboard accessible
  • Fields are labeled in a way visible to screen readers

Learn more: Accessible Forms: Web Aim

Files & Video

  • Files and video available on the website follow the above guidelines and document specific guidelines to ensure an accessible experience for our community.