Anti-Racism & EDI Resources


In 2022, an ACRL Distance and Online Learning Section (DOLS) Executive Committee-formed task force recommended the creation of a standing Anti-racism and Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Committee. This Committee was charged to “advocate for and connect anti-racism and equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) with online learning within academic libraries.” One way the Committee aimed to do this was to connect information professionals to resources that could help them approach this work in their institutions. In Summer 2023, they published this online resource as an asynchronous space to share and obtain resources on anti-racism and EDI content related to online teaching and learning in libraries.


This is ongoing work; there is no end date and new manifestations of old social justice issues emerge every day. To suggest additional resources to include in this guide, please complete this anonymous Anti-racist Resources for Online Teaching and Learning Google Form.

Anti-racism and EDI Advocacy Primer

Adapted from UC San Diego Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion’s Anti-racism Resources (links to podcasts, news articles, journal articles, etc.). The aforementioned link can provide helpful information, including definitions for key terms and concepts prominent in EDI work and throughout this document. 

ACRL DOLS is committed to providing resources and support to library and information professionals integrating EDI and anti-racism efforts into their work. Before doing this work in an institutional context, we recognize that individual anti-racism and EDI work, including an unlearning of the imperialist white supremacist heteropatriarchy, is required. We provide these resources and tools as a non-exhaustive starting point and encourage personal exploration and reflection whilst learning and unlearning. Universities are also developing their own resource guides that often include institutional- and state-specific events, materials, and support, so keep your local allies and advocates in mind too!

Anti-racism and EDI in Education

Anti-racist pedagogy

Indigenous pedagogy

Critical information literacy

A collection of first-hand experiences with and tools for instructors to implement critical information literacy practices in the classroom.

Trauma-informed pedagogy

Includes steps and resources to understand and approach trauma-informed pedagogy. 


Talilah A. Lewis (2019, Longmore Lecture: Context, Clarity, and Grounding) teaches: “The root of racism is ableism; and the root of ableism is anti-Blackness. Ableism & racism have always been inextricably linked. Each of these oppressions informs the other and depends on the other to survive and thrive. Therefore, it is impossible to end racism without ending ableism, and impossible to end ableism without ending racism. Ableism is also at the root of every other oppression.” In embracing intersectionality, celebrating all bodyminds, and pursuing solidarity as a political and ethical goal, we provide these resources and tools as a non-exhaustive starting point for unlearning ableism and practicing disability justice.

Disability justice

Disability advocacy and education

Locate data, statistics, and definitions about disability and students with disabilities in higher education.

Universal Design for Learning

Universal Design for learning aka UDL stems from the architectural movement universal design, which centered design and function for all. UDL aims to change the design of the environment rather than change the learner. Guidelines developed by CAST help provide multiple means of engagement, representation, and action plus expression.

Digital accessibility

To learn more about creating accessible online content, please visit the DOLS Accessibility Resource page.

Inclusive Online Learning

Perspectives, guidance, and tools to support racial justice and open pedagogy.

Related Library Literature

Articles and chapters for further reading and discussion.

History and Future of this Resource

This resource was published in May 2023 after multiple calls for submissions were sent to all ALA and ACRL Members via Connect. Thanks to DOLS Anti-racism and EDI Committee members Brittni Ballard, Kelsey Diemand, Niki Fullmer, Sam Harlow, and Kaiya Schroeder for this work!

Future DOLS Anti-racism and EDI Committee members will review this resource annually, including checking that links are functional, reviewing existing resources to ensure they remain relevant, and adding new items, sections, or context as necessary.