Distance and Online Learning Section committees and their charges are listed below. Past and present Rosters are available on the ACRL section site. ACRL members who log in can view individual contact information on the ACRL DOLS rosters pages.

Executive Committee

Executive Roster

Awards Committee

Solicits, collects and reviews applications for the Routledge Distance Learning Librarian Conference Sponsorship Award, selects the most qualified individual for the annual award in accordance with the Distance & Online Learning Section Awards Committee’s criteria, and coordinates the presentation of the award.

This committee is not currently active.

Anti-Racism and EDI Committee

This committee’s focus is to advocate for and connect anti-racism and equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) with online learning within academic libraries. This charge is accomplished through EDI initiatives, anti-racism online programming, working with ACRL DOLS committees on achieving anti-racist and EDI goals, attending ACRL anti-racism and EDI workshops and presentations, and connecting information professionals to resources that will help them approach this work in their institutions. Preference will be given to Black, Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) ACRL DOLS members to join this committee.

Anti-Racism and EDI Committee Roster

Communications Committee

Facilitates the sharing of ideas, best practices and news from ACRL/ALA units and relevant outside agencies to DOLS members and from DOLS to the library community; assesses the many communication options available and maintains a formal communication plan to disseminate information among DOLS members.

Communications Roster

Conference Program Planning Committee

Proposes, plans and organizes at least one program to be presented at the ALA Annual Conference. This program will discuss a topic that reflects the interests and values of both ACRL and DOLS and may be presented jointly with another section.

Conference Program Planning 2021 Roster

Conference Program Planning 2022 Roster

Discussion Group Committee

Selects topic(s) for and leads virtual discussions following Annual and Midwinter conferences. May optionally plan and host additional face-to-face discussions during Annual and/or Midwinter conferences, or host additional virtual events throughout the year. Goals are to inform attendees and promote sharing of expertise and ideas.

Discussion Group Roster

Instruction Committee

Creates professional development opportunities and facilitates meaningful conversations among librarians who have an interest in library instruction and instructional technology in distance and online learning; coordinates the Section’s library instruction-related activities with ALA/ACRL.

Instruction Roster

Membership, Events and Fundraising Committee

Promotes membership and encourage active participation in the section; to welcome and orient new members; to provide social activities; and, to conduct and report on monthly membership statistics. The Membership Committee co-chairs serve as the Section’s representatives on the ACRL Section Membership Committee.

Membership, Events and Fundraising Roster

Mentoring and Networking Committee

Develops and oversees the DOLS Library mentorship program, pairing mentors and mentees together to help librarians interested in learning more about distance and online library services. Promotes and develops opportunities for distance learning librarians to meet and discuss topics related to research and librarianship.

Mentoring and Networking Roster

Nominating Committee

Develops a pool of candidates who are active members of DOLS eligible to serve as officers of the Distance and Online Learning Section; arranges for and conducts a voting process to determine who will serve as officers from this list of candidates.

Nominating 2021 Roster

Nominating 2022 Roster

Research and Publications Committee

Highlights and publicizes research in distance and online learning librarianship by creating, organizing, maintaining and distributing published and unpublished research materials designed to enhance librarians’ knowledge of the field.

Research and Publications Roster

Standards Committee

Reviews and revises the ACRL Standards for Distance and Online Learning Library Services to incorporate current technologies and practices; serves as a resource regarding the use of the Standards and to work with appropriate committees and agencies to promote and advocate for the use of the Standards.

Standards Roster

Strategic Planning Committee

In accordance with strategic planning, this committee develops, produces, and evaluates reviews, evaluates the strategic plan with the goal of making recommendations to the Executive Committee regarding the Section’s progress, direction, goals, and objectives of the section. This committee evaluates the progress of the Section and its units, and ensures consistency of policies with those of ACRL.

Strategic Planning Roster

Web Committee

Develops and maintains the Section web site, including adding information and resources of interest to the Section membership, designing and organizing the various web pages, monitoring the site’s contents for applicability and timeliness, and planning for upgrade and updates as required. The Committee will work with other Section committees and external agencies, as appropriate, to identify relevant resources for integration into the web site.

Web Committee Roster