Creating New Horizons: Student Success Coaches and the Library

Poster Description: Student Success Coaches (SSCs) engage with all Arizona State online students and are in a unique position to discover the challenges students experience with assignments and library use. This project identifies gaps in SSCs library knowledge to inform training modules that support SSC engagement with students regarding library resources.

Poster: Click to view Articulate presentation.

Presenter Names: Jessica Jenner, Arizona State University and Lisa Kammerlocher, Arizona State University

Presenter Bios: Jessica Jenner, MLIS, is the Instructional Designer Associate with Arizona State University Library. She has a passion for promoting information services through online avenues. Email:

Lisa Kammerlocher, EdD is the Division Head for E-Learning and Instruction and Arizona State University Library. She has a passion for creating, interactive and inclusive learning options for students. Email:

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Have you gotten any feedback about the training of coaches? By the way this is an awesome idea because it seems so often libraries have projected definitions of how we function based on what non-librarians perceive we do. Really excited to see how it turns out. As a librarian who works with an online population at times in the semester I know that struggles that can be felt.

Hey Ruth!

We sent out a follow up survey similar to the one we sent out prior to developing the training. We are still waiting for that to be distributed by the director and receive the results from that survey. The training took place last week.

During the training, the engagement was pretty high. Each session was about 20-30 coaches, with a total of 85 trained. We received questions throughout the training, had an engagement activity towards the end where the coaches submitted responses. It was exciting to see how many of them participated with their answers.

In two of the training (we did four total) we had some time for conversation at the end. We asked how the Information Search Process was in the context of their role. They seem very receptive as it gave them context as to what a student is going through especially in some of those first classes, like ENG 101.

Overall, it was a very positive experience. Not only did we train them on specific resources, but we also gave them some fun stuff to share with students (like subscriptions to NYT and streaming services). So it gives them something to help build the relationship and trust with their students.

I am happy to follow up with more information from the survey if you are interested to hear more!

What an interesting train the trainer model! Do you know at what points coaches refer students to speak with librarians?

Hey Joyce,

Thank you for this question! When we developed the training for coaches, we took the information search process shared in the poster and added in when and where to refer students to the appropriate resource. Here is what we came up with:

Initiation stage: Faculty and peers (for assignment clarity), Librarians (for understanding what peer-review, primary sources, or whatever the faculty member is requiring
Selection stage: Librarian or faculty
Exploration stage: Librarian
Formulation: Librarian (if any support is needed, this stage typically students don’t need help)
Collection: Librarian
Presentation: Tutoring

I hope this helps! Please feel free to ask any other questions on this, this was the bulk of the training!

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