It’s about more than just teaching online: Creating agile teams for sustainable online library service

Poster Description: This poster will look at how the Online Program Librarian created a three-person team to tackle growing online library instruction needs following a campus partnership with 2U at a small, liberal arts college.

Poster: Watch the YouTube video directly here.

Presenter Name: Christina Hillman

Presenter Bio: Christina Hillman is the Assessment & Online Program Librarian, where she leads and collaborates with librarians and faculty to move library instruction online, both synchronously and asynchronously. Email:

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I appreciated your overview of how each individual contributed to the team’s development! Do you have any sense of how your experience might have been different without 2U – if, for instance, your college was not partnering with them for online program development?

Yes, we actually have a number of online and hybrid programs that were created “in-house” (it’s actually part of the reason my job was created almost 9 years ago). For these programs, the liaison librarian is largely able to manage without much intervention because the size of the student population is smaller. I still make myself available for conversations around content creation and accessibility, but both synchronous and asynchronous instruction is offered for these programs, so these conversations can look a lot different. The big piece for in-house programs is that we have the ability to make updates and alterations to lessons more regularly, while with 2U the course iteration process only happens every 3-5 years. So we need to plan for evergreen content, whereas in-house allows for between semester updates in the CMS. I hope this answers your question.

So far this team approach has worked really well for our expanding online programs. I’m fortunate to have colleagues who see the value in our individual roles, so maintaining the team long-term seems promising. I have an existing relationship with the Nursing school, which I think aided in their acceptance in the alteration of services/liaison model. I didn’t have a relationship with faculty from Pharmacy, but their Assistant Dean for Online Education was extremely supportive and this help faculty adapt to the changes. That Dean has since left the College, but with the established service design in place, that transition hasn’t been difficult. I hope this answered your question.

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