Running the Zoom Gauntlet: Teaching When You Are Not the Zoom Host

Poster Description: Many library instructors do not enter a Zoom classroom as a meeting host, but in another role with different privileges and limitations. These librarians need to ascertain, and ask for, access to Zoom tools. This poster compares Zoom roles and offers tips to communicate with course instructors about presenting needs.

Poster: Click here to access pdf.

Presenter Name: Justine Martin, Minnesota State University Mankato

Presenter Bio: Justine Martin is an instruction librarian at Minnesota State University, Mankato.  Her duties mix information literacy, online instructional design, and digital content strategy. Email:

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Hi Justine! Thanks for such a clear layout and language to use if you are not the Zoom meeting creator! A great tip about talking screenshots of polls launched during the presentation to ensure that you have access to the information later. What has the instructors’ feedback been to receiving this information and implementing these permissions (any additional assistance needed, any pushback, any proactive measures for the next time, etc.)? Are these email Zoom templates universally used by librarians at your institution?

Hello Ruth, et al. Instructor feedback has been great. My general sense is that instructors want to help me make the visits has interactive has possible. They have been amenable and have provided me with constructive feedback. For instance, I needed to clarify confusing instructions between the web portal and in-app settings. One solution was to include a direct link to the web portal settings in my message templates. Over time, I streamlined communication into two groups: first, tasks that needed to be done by the instructor prior to the Zoom visit; and second, tasks I could send in a secondary email or ask verbally after the Zoom class started. As for universal template use, I shared these Zoom templates with some colleagues at my library, but I am also waiting. We want to develop a shared space to add message templates for various library communications. I plan to add my Zoom templates there.
Sincerely, Justine

Thanks, Justine! I can see were some instructors might have been confused about the web vs app settings. Hopefully, you are able to develop a shared space for library communications. Thanks again for sharing!

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