Mentoring Program

Purpose of Program:

The DOLS Mentoring Program, organized by the DOLS Mentoring and Networking Committee, matches new librarians or librarians less experienced with serving online and distance students with a mentor to learn, develop skills, network, and pursue professional goals. In addition to these opportunities, participating in the mentorship program as either a mentor or mentee helps to facilitate communication between DOLS members, foster a sense of community within DOLS, and increase knowledge on both sides through the exchange of ideas and sharing of experiences.

The DOLS Mentoring Program Seeks to:

  • Pair mentors with mentees based on intended areas of professional growth.
  • Provide a positive space for those working with distance and online students to learn from each other in a formalized program setting.
  • Encourage mentor pairs to learn more about specific areas within the field, such as publishing and career development.
  • Develop a safe and open environment where listening and communication are encouraged.
  • Establish a mentoring partnership where both parties give their time to advance professional development as colleagues in the field.

Program Timeline:

The DOLS Mentoring Program runs September 1 through June 30 each year, with both mentor and mentee applications accepted July 1 to August 16. Mentor pairs will work together for approximately 10 months.

Requirements for Participation:

All participants in the DOLS Mentoring Program must be current members of ACRL. If you would like to participate, please add the DOLS membership to your ACRL profile at no additional charge. Participants should have either current or future responsibilities in serving distance students. Mentors should also have experience serving distance students in academic libraries; they may also contribute their research and professional service experiences.

To apply to be a mentee or mentor, fill out one of the forms below (Open from July 1 to August 16):

For questions, assistance with activities, requests for mentorship changes and more, please contact the DOLS Mentoring and Networking Committee Co-Chairs.