Embedded Online: Collaborating to Enhance Student Research Success in Latinx Studies

Poster Description: Outlines the collaboration between a Latinx studies librarian and a faculty member in Latino/a and Latin American studies to teach students in an introductory research class. The fully embedded librarian in the online course contributed instruction content both synchronously and asynchronously to enhance student success.

Poster: View transcript of audio recording.

Presenter Names: Ida Martinez, Wayne State University

Presenter Bio: Ida Martinez is a reference and instruction librarian at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. She is liaison to the departments of biology, chemistry, geology, environmental science, neuroscience, and Latino/a and Latin American studies. Her research interests are distance learning, outreach, and DEI work. She can be reached by e-mail at ida.martinez@wayne.edu.

8 replies on “Embedded Online: Collaborating to Enhance Student Research Success in Latinx Studies”

Wow! Incredibly interesting!! I am interested to see how the semester ends up. How have you liked embedding thus far?

Hi, Ruth. This is my first experience as an embedded librarian. The instruction team has made it a great experience. I’ve enjoyed it very much and hope to do this again next year. Thanks for your interest!

Thanks for sharing this experience, Ida. I’d love to hear more about it after you collect all the end results & feedback!

Hi Ida – thank you for sharing your experiences. You mentioned an asynchronous module on poster design – would you be able to share more details about what that consisted of? Thanks!

Hi Cari. Yes, sure. I shared three resources on poster best-practices with the students, and the professor referred to them during class. They were: 5 Tips in 5 Minutes: Academic Poster Design (University of North Carolina Libraries), Making a Better Research Poster (American Journal Experts), and How to Design an Award-Winning Conference Poster (animateyourscience.com). The first two are on YouTube. The third is a web page. E-mail me directly if you would like me to send you the links!

Thanks, Ida – this is very helpful, as I am always looking for good resources on this topic