Going the Distance: Using Project Outcome to Assess Online Library Instruction

Poster Description: This poster presentation discusses the use of ACRL’s Project Outcome Instruction survey at Clarion University to evaluate online information literacy sessions from March 2020 to the present. Librarians utilize the survey as a post-instruction assessment to obtain quantitative and qualitative feedback on the effectiveness of instruction.

Poster: View the poster on Google Slides. Alternatively, you can view the slides transcript.

Presenter Names: Tonya Otto & Mary Buchanan, Clarion University of Pennsylvania

Presenter Bios:

Tonya Otto is the Virtual Learning and Outreach/Reference Librarian at Clarion University of Pennsylvania. She holds an MSLS (’16) from Clarion University and is working towards her M.Ed. from Slippery Rock University. Her primary interests in librarianship include online learning, educational technology, embedded librarianship, and affordable learning.

Mary Buchanan is the Information Literacy/Reference Librarian at Clarion University of Pennsylvania. She is responsible for coordinating the Information Literacy Instruction program at the University Libraries. Her primary interests in librarianship include information literacy and learning technologies.

3 replies on “Going the Distance: Using Project Outcome to Assess Online Library Instruction”

I’m so pleased to see the application of Project Outcome at your university and library. Student responses to the “What more could the library do?” question were pretty specific and relevant. Do they relate closely or loosely to topics that were presented in your library instruction? I am wondering if your instruction prompted a desire to know more, or if these are topics that you did not specifically address in library instruction.

Hi Rhonda, thank you for your comment and question! Most of the comments to the question “What else could the library do to help you succeed in your classes?” were a result of topics presented during information literacy instruction. We always mention ways the library provides help (primarily through our Ask a Librarian page on our library website) and we cover appropriate citation formats, so both of these comments would reflect a desire to know more after our instruction. The first comment about increasing our outreach efforts may have been a result of things we did cover (that students were unaware of) or of items we did not cover that students want to know more about. As the majority of our instruction is provided to freshmen, I would venture a guess that the comments reflected a bit of both, as freshmen students are likely learning about library services in-depth for the first time and are curious what else we have to offer.

Thank you for sharing how you used this tool. Was there anything about using Project Outcome that surprised you?