Keeping Learning Active: Moving An Entire First-Year Information Literacy Program Online

Poster Description: This presentation outlines how an entire first-year information literacy program was moved online. The instruction was presented in a flipped model. Students watched instructional videos before they attended a Zoom session. Students were surveyed to assess the instruction, and those results will be presented and analyzed in this poster.

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Presenter Name: Andrea Bastian, Valparaiso University

Presenter Bio: Andrea Bastian coordinates the First-Year Experience program at Valparaiso University, and she also serves as the librarian for History and Political Science. Her research interests include assessing first-year information literacy instruction and making online learning more accessible.

7 replies on “Keeping Learning Active: Moving An Entire First-Year Information Literacy Program Online”

Andrea- great poster. I like that you pulled the view lengths, that paints a really interesting picture. You guys must have some good meme-game 😀

I’d love to know more about the accompanying lesson plan. Do you have the available to share?

Love the example video – definitely more fun than videos I’ve created. 😀 What did you use to edit the videos?

Did students watch the videos and also attend the Zoom lecture? If so, were the videos provided before or after the lecture?

I used screencast-o-matic! The free version does the trick for me. The students all watched the videos before. We made sure they were on every first-year composition class’s Blackboard page.

I love the videos. Do you think the casual tone and unscripted feel also helped increase audience retention?