Reinventing the First Year Digital Experience: Choose Your Adventure Learning

Poster Description: The following poster focuses on developing a first-year experience interactive digital guide to alleviate stress and anxiety towards coming into a new university library setting. The poster will walk you through the stages of developing a new digital program.

Poster: View a narrated screencast video about this project.

Presenter Name(s): Amy Dye-Reeves, Texas Tech University; Joshua Salmans, Texas Tech University

Presenter Bios: Amy Dye-Reeves(her/hers) is the Education and History Librarian at Texas Tech University. She earned a MLIS from the University of Tennessee, BA and MA in History from East Tennessee State University. Her research interests includes first year experience, library instruction, and programing.

Joshua Salmans (he/him) is the Outreach & Engagement Librarian at Texas Tech University. He earned a MLIS from the University of South Carolina and a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies from North Greenville University. His research interests include library pedagogy, outreach programming, and engaged scholarship.

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Thanks for sharing your work, Amy and Joshua! What was the average or estimated time for students to complete the Libraries Digital Orientation? Also, did you see an increase in attendance at the Library workshops as a result of Module 8?

Hello Ruth,

Thank you for viewing our poster presentation. The average time for students to complete the orientation was 15-20 minutes. Yes, we did notice an increase in awareness of our workshops in conjunction with the virtual library guides.

Amy & Josh

Thanks for sharing! Was this a requirement for first year students to complete? If not, how did you advertise for this orientation?

Hi Renee,
Thank you for viewing our poster presentation. The first-year orientation was not a requirement for students. We advertised on social media, orientation groups, and a local student listserv. Students were given a prize pack to complete the orientation. Our university libraries (marketing and promotion) team created the gift bags, and we held them at the front desk for students to pick up. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Amy & Josh

Nicely done! It looks like the module quizzes are integrated LibWizard forms, is that correct? I’m curious how many students completed for the prize packs? And, if you did use LibWizard quizzes/forms, did you consider using the reports to determine if students completed rather than the extra steps of copying the QR code into a document and then uploading? I feel like our students would not take those extra steps!

Hi Megan,

Thank you for looking at our poster. Yes, the quizzes were embedded into LibWizard. We did use the QR code as a backup for any technical failures. We did use both the report and the QR code functions.

Thank you for your comments!

Amy & Josh

We had 19 students total complete the tutorial and receive prizes.