If You Build It, Will They Come? Developing a Recorded Video Research Consultation Service for Online Students

Poster Description: Northcentral University Librarians recognize that research happens 24/7 and that finding the right time to schedule a live, individual session with a librarian might be challenging for students. Recorded video research consultations provide flexible research support to students on their time by creating customized, 30-minute asynchronous recordings.

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Presenter Name(s): Marisha C. Kelly, Northcentral University; Amanda Bezet, Northcentral University; Jamie Diermier, Northcentral University; Taylor Duncan, Northcentral University; Sherry Mohr, Northcentral University

Presenter Bio(s): Amanda Bezet (abezet@ncu.edu) is a Reference & Instruction Librarian and has been with NCU since January 2013. She particularly enjoys interacting with students at NCU Dissertation Boot Camps and DCP Intensives. Prior to becoming a librarian, Amanda was a zookeeper and animal trainer, working with a variety of species at White Oak Conservation Center, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Myakka City Lemur Reserve. Now her zoo consists of four cats—Modoc, Pepperoni, Peanut Butter, and Pistachio. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, thrift store shopping, and Indian food. Amanda lives in Florida with her husband, three stepchildren, and young daughter.

Jamie Diermier MLIS, MA (jdiermier@ncu.edu) is a Reference and Instruction Librarian at Northcentral University, specializing in legal reference for NCU’s fully-online Juris Doctor (JD) program in the School of Law. Her professional interests include distance learning, lifelong learning, facilitating non-traditional and transitional students, and helping students of all walks of life achieve their goals.

Taylor Duncan, M.L.I.S., M.A. (tduncan@ncu.edu) is an Instructional Design Librarian at Northcentral University (NCU). She has had the opportunity to serve as Instructional Design Librarian at NCU since 2013 where she focuses on bridging the gap and fostering collaboration between curriculum and the library.

Marisha C. Kelly (mkelly@ncu.edu) is a Reference and Instruction Librarian at Northcentral University. She graduated with a B.S. in Magazine Journalism from Syracuse University and holds an M.S. in Library and Information Science from Drexel University. Her personal experience as a distance learner prompted her interest in virtual reference.

Sherry Mohr (sherrymohr@ncu.edu) is a Reference and Instruction Librarian at Northcentral University. She has an M.L.I.S. and is currently working on a Ph.D. in Learning Analytics in Higher Education. When she is not helping graduate students with research, Sherry studies recipes, fails at crochet, and spends lots of time with her family.

5 replies on “If You Build It, Will They Come? Developing a Recorded Video Research Consultation Service for Online Students”

Thanks for sharing your experiences, Amanda, Jamie, Taylor, Marisha, and Sherry! Is there a subscription cost in order to view the Screencast-o-matic analytics? Also, how do you think post-pandemic behaviors will impact the usage of this service?

Hi Ruth,

Thanks so much for reviewing our poster and for your questions! Related to Screencast-O-Matic, we have an institutional subscription that allows us to use all features within the tool. The analytics can be viewed in your user account under My Content after you’ve recorded and saved a video. Related to your question on post-pandemic behaviors, I’ll chime in with some initial thoughts. The service was created as an alternative to our synchronous one-on-one research consultations hosted via Zoom. We had users that missed their appointments for various reasons, but this had been a trend pre-pandemic. I personally thought that we would have seen an uptick in the usage of this service based on shifted schedules and routines during the pandemic, but we’ve noted that users do prefer face time and speaking to someone live regarding their research needs. I think it’s nice to have this option available and users have expressed the like on the availability of this service, but I’m not sure that it is users’ top choice since they are able to meet in “person” with a librarian through a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Hi, This is a great project! Thanks for presenting it. I’m wondering, though, how much extra time does it take to correct the transcript? I’ve done some one-off videos on Stream, and the recording time is a fraction of the time because of creating a script (I find I have to be pretty scripted) the transcript edits, which can be onerous.

Hi Marcia! Thanks for your interest. Correcting a transcript can take a considerable amount of time. After consulting with our Disability Services Office, we elected not to correct transcripts unless specifically requested by the student. When we email the student with the uncorrected transcript, we state the following, “Note that captions rely on automatic speech recognition and may include minor errors. Please contact me if you require any correction or clarification on the captions.” I hope this helps! Please feel free to contact us if you have additional questions.