Library Instruction During a Pandemic: Tech Tools for Engagement

Poster Description: Explore survey responses from 202 teaching librarians who described their use of technology tools for library instruction during COVID-19. Learn about the most popular tools and their perceived strengths and weaknesses, including challenges related to access and equity.

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Presenter Name(s): Amanda Rybin Koob, University of Colorado, Boulder and Kathia Ibacache, University of Colorado, Boulder

Presenter Bio(s):

Amanda Rybin Koob is the Literature and Humanities Librarian at the CU Boulder. She holds a BA, MLIS, and an MFA in Poetry. Her research interests include methods of building and assessing inclusive library collections, undergraduate engagement, and information literacy. Email:

Kathia Ibacache is the Romance Languages Librarian at CU Boulder. She is interested in collection development advancing inclusion and diversity. Kathia’s research focuses on Latin American Indigenous Languages and tech tools for library instruction. Kathia holds a MLIS from SJSU and a D.M.A. from USC. Email:

6 replies on “Library Instruction During a Pandemic: Tech Tools for Engagement”

Thank you for the toolkit suggestion! I will bring up the suggestion of hotspots in addition to our laptops (which have internal webcams and mics)

Hi Rachel, thank you for your comment! Especially towards the beginning of closures, we noticed many questions about wireless hotspot access at our library. I’m curious to hear if other librarians have thoughts about the success of toolkit loans.

Hello Rachel, thanks for your feedback. Webcams and mics are really helpful, too. And you are right, the first step for advocacy is communicating with leadership stakeholders what we learn to help students.

Thank you for doing this work. It is good to see what people are using and to see if others are experiencing the same thing.

Hello Rebecca, you are right, something we learned was that COVID was difficult for many instruction librarians and that there were so many different tech tools librarians had used. Thanks for your thoughts,