Utilizing TikTok for Library Peer-to-Peer Outreach

Poster Description: This poster will cover the results and experiences of using Tiktok as a form of peer-to-peer outreach to share research tips with other college students. Specific examples, learned best practices, and future plans for improvement will be discussed.

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Presenter Name(s): Frances Chung, University of North Texas, Madison Brents, University of North Texas and Sarah Diaz, University of North Texas

Presenter Bio(s): Sarah (she/her), Frances (she/her), and Madison (she/her) are all current Graduate Students at the University of North Texas studying library science. Together they work on the Research & Engagement team for the University Libraries, where they help patrons by answering reference questions and providing outreach. They can be reached at sarah.diaz@unt.edu, madison.brents@unt.edu, and frances.chung@unt.edu.

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This is a cool idea! I’d love to bring peer-to-peer virtual outreach to my campus, but have to consider age demographics and look into what social media students might be likely to use. In terms of peer-to-peer, for libraries that don’t have library students or student employees, do you think featuring students occasionally would be enough to bring that concept to life or do you have other suggestions?

Hi, great question! This idea appealed to us because we are students ourselves, but I do think there could be ways of doing something similar without using student employees.

I love your idea of featuring students on the library social media. Another idea might be to post interactive content like a poll, or ask question that students can respond to and then like/retweet (or the equivalent for the platform you are using) some of the answers. That might be a way of getting students who are not library employees involved with the library social media.

Another way to look at it might be to think about what you or your employees have in common with your students. In our case, our focus was on being students ourselves and sharing some of the things that have helped us. But even if you don’t have student employees, you might have employees who are in a similar age group, have similar interests, already use the same social media that is popular with your students, or have other things in common with them. So that might also be something to consider.

Are students aware that the presenters are students? If so, what has been the response, if any?

Hi Selwyn, we do not mention it in every video, but our TikTok profile identifies us as grad students. As far as I know we have not yet gotten any feedback from students on that aspect of it.

Thank you Kathia! We really enjoy using Canva for presentations, graphics, charts, and more too. It’s such a fun and easy-to-use tool.

Thanks for sharing all the Tic Toks throughout! So helpful to see them in action. Also really appreciate your point of view as students helping other students.

Thanks for checking out our poster Natalie! As LIS students, we definitely appreciated the opportunity to gain career experience while helping our peers πŸ™‚

Hi, all,

This is a great idea! I’m actually teaching a first-year seminar on social media this semester, and my students talk about TikTok all the time. Really excited to see others using it to engage with students!

In one of your TikToks, you mentioned that if students have questions, they can comment. Have you gotten any questions in the comments, or do you get questions about the content in any other ways?

Thanks so much for sharing this project!

Hi Grace, thanks for reaching out. Seeing how popular TikTok was becoming was a big part of why we wanted to use it in this way.

Unfortunately, while we’ve gotten a decent number of views and likes on our videos, we are not getting many comments. But hopefully encouraging our audience to engage with us in that way will help.

Such a cool project! What resources have you been using to find Creative Commons images and music?