Zotero – Citations Made Simple: Assessing Student Learning in a New Online Workshop Format

Poster Description: Zotero: Citations Made Simple is an asynchronous workshop hosted on Blackboard that combines elements of independent tutorials and live workshops in order to bring this open-source bibliographic management application to more students during pandemic restrictions and on international campuses. This poster includes formative assessment data from pilot testing, and summative assessment of student learning from two cohorts of students and faculty.

Poster: View slides on Piktochart. Alternatively, you can view as a single page PNG image.

Presenter Names: Janna Mattson, Valerie Linsinbigler, Christopher Lowder, & Kerry Woolford

Presenter Bios:

Janna Mattson is the Online Learning Coordinator & Instruction Librarian at George Mason University Libraries. She has a Bachelor in Music from Virginia Commonwealth University, a Master of Library Science from Queens College – CUNY, and a Master of Education from George Mason University. Email: jmattso1@gmu.edu

Valerie Linsinbigler is the Online Learning Specialist at George Mason University. She earned her Master’s degree in Library and Information Science with a specialization in Archives and Digital Curation from the University of Maryland – College Park and her Bachelors in Information Science from Christopher Newport University.

Christopher Lowder is the Online Learning Assistant at George Mason University, and he is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Maryland. His research interests include information accessibility, online learning, and inclusive teaching in library instruction. Email: clowder2@gmu.edu

Kerry Woolford is the Graduate Professional Assistant of Teaching and Learning at George Mason University Libraries. She is pursuing her Masters of Social Work with a concentration in Clinical Practice with Children, Youth, and Families at GMU’s College of Health and Human Services. Email: kwoolfor@gmu.edu

4 replies on “Zotero – Citations Made Simple: Assessing Student Learning in a New Online Workshop Format”

This sounds like a great project! Did you find any difference in participation, feedback, etc. between grad students and undergrads?

Hi Lisa! Generally our grad students were able to connect their Zotero use more directly to large projects while our undergrad participants were more interested in possible uses for Zotero later on in the semester. Our faculty were most interested in either using it for their own research or sharing it with their students.

This is wonderful. I feel like this would be useful for many academic institutions. Have you considered licensing the course or elements of it through Creative Commons and making it available to other librarians to use for their citation management instruction?

Hi Rebecca. We’re working on ways to make it available. We haven’t finalized anything yet, but we hope to have ideas soon.”