ESS Newsletter Committee Meeting, October 2022

Monday, October 31, 2022, 09:00 AM (Denver Time), via Zoom


Megan Bennett, chair (Farmington Public Library, Farmington, New Mexico)
Deb Raftus (University of Washington)
Chella Vaidyanathan (Emory)
Lucia Wolf, Library of Congress

I. Introductions
II. Committees for 2023 edition

Link to the 2022 September meeting
Megan and Lucia will work on the News section
Chella and Iliana work on the Featured Articles section

III. Call for submission discussion
  • When do we want to have it done by?
    • Having it done by Fall 2022 would be nice
    • Send it out Dec 01st
  • When do we want to set responses due by?
    • Everything into the committee by June 01st
    • Due date on Call for Submissions is March 01st
  • Reuse the 2022 Call for Submissions; adjust what it says about Ukraine
  • Book reviews – Megan
  • Humor and other: ask other ESS members
IV. other

Login credentials for the Newsletter Committee

Double check who is on committee – Lisa Baker
Training for WordPress from Deb/Barbara Maratos
Reach out – wide net
    Libraries, cultural centers, cultural associations, expats, immigrants,
Slavic Cataloging 
Eastern European 
Diaspora communities
Archival collections and special collections
New and on-going digital projects
Different career paths for ESS members
European reading room – LoC – museum – research

Minutes taken by Megan Bennett