ESS Newsletter Committee Meeting, Sept 2022

Monday, September 12, 2022, 10:00 AM (Denver Time), via Zoom


Megan Bennett, chair (Farmington Public Library, Farmington, New Mexico)
Deb Raftus (University of Washington)
Chella Vaidyanathan (Emory)
Lucia Wolf, Library of Congress

I. Introductions  

General introductions from Megan, Deb, Chella and Lucia.

II. Background of ESS Newsletter Committee (Link to previous newsletters)

Background on the merger of ESS and WESS. Marsha and Megan were in charge of the newsletter and co-edited the newsletter for the past two years (Volumes 1 and 2)
The newsletter is 100% voluntarily submitted content – poses challenges in getting content on time 
Content is hosted on WordPress (thank you web team for everything)
Ideal goal for 2023 and beyond – to get two newsletters – one in the fall and one is the spring – help to with conference recaps and new books on topics of interest to European librarianship
Spring Newsletter has to be out by the ALA Annual Exec Meeting 

III. Committees for 2023 edition 

Content -related Discussion:

Brian plans to have an ESS document – documentation would be helpful moving forward – to helps Chair and committee members 
ESS newsletter will have a section on the handbook
ESS newsletter has a section on each feature section – it looks great on resume or CV for committee service

Last year – folks submitted to a Google form; worked well, but needs improvement

Available sections are:

  • News 
  • Book Reviews 
  • Feature Articles
  • Humor

Megan and Lucia will work on the News section
Chella and Iliana work on the Featured Articles section

Two template pages from WP – tricky to attach the parent pages to the content – everything needs to be arranged properly in the hierarchy
Barbara will provide us training with the WP template – available under resources

Newsletter submission call will be updated and we can it through all email channels 
Web team helps a lot with the behind the scenes work 

Megan will send a doodle poll to meet and chat about call for submissions and spring date 

  • Issues to consider: web archiving, winter situation in Europe given the price hikes and energy crisis
  • Piece from Chair and the MLA recap
  • Info from Liladhar that he would like share
  • Other relevant conference recaps
  • Italian election and govt. Information from Italian–Americans – Lucia will reach out to them to see if they have content to share
  • Reach out to folks who share info – notes from the profession 
  • If you know of someone working on relevant content 
  • Dick was our source of content

Minutes taken by Chella Vaidyanathan and edited by Megan Bennett