ESS Newsletter meeting 19 March 2021

ESS Newsletter Committee Meeting: WordPress and Web Design

Friday, March 19, 2021; 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM (Mountain Daylight Time)
Meeting held via Zoom


  • Megan Bennett, Farmington Public Library, New Mexico, (co-chair) (took minutes)
  • Masha Stepanova, Miami University, (co-chair)
  • Brendan Nieubuurt, University of Michigan, (member)
  • Deb Raftus, University of Washington, (webmaster)
  • Dick Hacken, BYU,, (ex-WESS webmaster)
  • Lisa Baker
  • Jen Bonnet
  • Marta Deyrup, Seton Hall University, (member)


I. Welcome and introductions

II. Agenda Item : Website : Deb Raftus took point

Templates for submissions are available on the ESS WordPress site
Copy the template and replace info with submission info

Process for taking submissions and adding them to the Newsletter:
Submissions need to be formatted
Submissions need to be accessible – WordPress site best way to be accessible

Dick Hacken volunteered to be the contact between the Newsletter committee and the WebDev Committee

Templates and accessibility – alt-text and screen readers
ESS newsletter will have more images than the old WESS and SEES Newsletters

Don’t accept pdfs?
Harder to format submissions and harder to make them accessible

Submissions with low-res embedded images
Suggestion: request file with text and separate image files

Personal outreach for contributions
Who hasn’t submitted anything, but usually does?

Template is made to be flexible
Not every article needs to have an image attached

Guidelines for editing the WordPress sites
In google doc

Webguidelines? Style guides?
Link to the ESS Web Administrator and Editor Guidelines 

Current style guidelines are set up for maximum accessibility 

Add more editing pages to the ESS Newsletter page; ease of access

Adding Parent pages into the hierarchy 
Doesn’t always work the way it’s supposed to; workaround

Learn process as we go this time round

Still a lot of unknowns, be in communication as we work 

III. Agenda Item : Submissions and editing

Deadline for submission is end of March

Get main template(s) in place, use that
Linking the pages might be a bit messy

Populate template/newsletter bit by bit or all at once?
Jen Bonnet worked things in when time permitted

WordPress – start individually, make sure we have the hierarchy and style set on one so we can replicate it on the others

Private pages in WordPress

Populate it gradually, release all at once

Admin Access to wordpress – web committee

Editing Access to wordpress – all newsletter committee members

Add section to editing site about creating private pages

Article template is live on wordpress site

Creating pages and adding them to the hierarchy, as well as linking them to the correct location

Website is still in progress, still being cleaned up

Content is still WESSWEB
SEES google site needs to be migrated
Content hasn’t been looked at and updated

Everything needs guidelines and standards

Need to use a DEI anti-racist language

IV. Agenda Item: Touch base on content

  • Humor section already
  • MLA  conference reflection
  • Helene will submit shorter bits
  • Women’s section?
  • Dick submitted article
  • ESS Chair agreed to submit notes from chair

Resend call for submissions 

If there is content to get after submissions close, go and get it
Contact various people who are/were regular contributors, see if they have anything

Write up conferences?

ESS Newsletter will need a new ISSN

Peace Corps – reach out to volunteers about newsletter content

Brendan will talk to Slavic and East European Information Resources 

Masha will reach out to the Hoover institution and see what they have

See if Billy Hamilton wants to write something up about the books in his basement.

Migrating WESSWEB and SEES from Wiki and google sites to ACRL WordPress site by way of BYU’s WordPress
Still not done cleaning up

Get everything set up for future web teams and newsletter committee

Lucked out with the i-School student – Chelsea D. at Univ. of Washington – who helped design the website

V. Agenda Item: Next Steps

Meet around May 01

Lisa wants to know how she can help
Work on banner, front page, cover page

What would the cover page involved

Images, blurb, 
Make sure that everyone who has a section has editor access
Intro to newsletter – couple of sentences about newsletter, mention merger (newsletter merge)

Anything to discuss before 01 May?

Doodle poll to come soon for meeting date and time

Minutes submitted by Megan Bennett