ESS Newsletter meeting 21 Jan 2021

ESS Newsletter Meeting – 21 January 2021

Thursday, January 21, 2021
10:00 A.M.-10:30 A.M. Mountain Time


Megan Bennett
Masha Stepanova
Dick Hacken
Lisa Baker
Anna R
Deb Raftus
Helene Huet
Brendan N
Ann Snoeyenbos
Christie Ericson


I. Welcome and introductions

ESS Newsletter Committee Meeting was after the ESS Comm&Pub Meeting

20 Sept 2020 meeting minutes detailed what Newsletter sections we have, and who is on the sections

II. Agenda item: Call for Submissions for ESS 2021 Newsletter

20 Sept 2020 meeting minutes detailed what Newsletter sections we have, and who is on the sections

Call for submissions
Example from 2014 – very detailed
Who to send the submissions to, when to submit, and blurbs about the sections

Send something similar to the ESS listserv
Send it to ESS-L and ALA-Connect (Megan volunteers, Masha will help if needed)
Put it on the website, social media (Brian V volunteers)
Send to SEELANGS list (Masha volunteers)
Com&Pub – Brian V wants someone to help with our social media accounts
Social media – shorten material for Twitter and Facebook
Getting newsletter materials through personal connections via facebook
Returned Peace Corps Volunteer groups?
Dick was volunteered to be a contributor to the Humor section of the Newsletter
Megan B volunteers to figure out how to get our call for submissions onto ALA-connect

Call for submissions on ESS WordPress site
Create page – add link to committee page with instructions and link to 

The more listservs the better
Instruction section, GNAPR, CIFNAL, SlavLibs, WESSLine, 
Americans working abroad? SEELANGS, SoLom?

Forward old call, work on adapting it for the new newsletter and for social media/listservs

Timeline for submissions
Meet with web development team
Web team and newsletter editors – Feb/March (more March than Feb; March sounds good)
Get the newsletter editors trained and templates created for newsletter content

Will a PDF of the newsletter be created?
Probably not

Number of newsletters going forward depends on content and availability of content – 1 or 2 per year
Old SEES newsletter – team went looking for content

Newsletter submission from web dev team
Bring former editors into the March meeting

Bring the Project and Planning Committee into the Newsletter?
Vender Relations?
Other committees may have updates for Newsletter

Future Newsletter Committee : ex officio Vender Relations, Project and Planning, Com&Pub, etc into Newsletter

Work Call for Subs to be easy to read and figure out
Masha will send email with earlier Call for Subs soon, and we will try to get the official call out by the beginning of Feb

Minutes submitted by Megan Bennett