ESS Newsletter – Working with the ESS website

Using the ESS WordPress site to create the ESS Newsletter


  1. The Web Team will assign a Newsletter Liaison to help walk you through the process. Current liaison: Barbara Maratos (through June 2024). This person will be your main contact on the web team.
  2. Each Newsletter Committee member will have an Editor role on the WordPress site. The web administrator will assign that access.
  3. Invite Web Team Newsletter Liaison to your meetings.
  4. Send your updated call for submissions to the Web Team Newsletter Liaison, to post it on the website and home page slider. (The Newsletter Committee will be responsible for sharing it out to ESS.)
  5. When you are ready to start putting together the newsletter (usually soon after the submission deadline) invite the Newsletter Liaison and the ESS Web Team Training Lead to a Newsletter Committee meeting to review training materials.
  6. The Web Team Newsletter Liaison will put the Newsletter main page template into place for your committee.
  7. Use the Newsletter Article template to create your pages. (It is important to keep the look and feel of the website, and all newsletter pages need the header that is on the template.)
  8. The Newsletter committee will put the newsletter together, using templates.
  9. The Newsletter Editor(s) will ensure that the hierarchies are set up (parent pages).
  10. Follow best practices for accessibility, using the ADA compliance checklist for ESS Web.

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