Newsletter Committee Meeting, May 2023 [Virtual]

Newsletter Committee Meeting, May 2023 [Virtual]

Monday, May 15, 2023
9:00 AM – 10:00 AM Mountain Daylight Time [Zoom]


  • Megan Bennett, Farmington Public Library, Chair
  • Lia Chaleva (Villanova University)
  • Chella Vaidyanathan, European/World History, Philosophy, and Classics Librarian, Emory University Libraries
  • Deb Raftus (University of Washington)
  • Lucia Wolf (Library of Congress European Reading Room) Reference Librarian and Recommending Officer for Italy/Malta/San Marino/Switzerland/Vatican

Agenda & Minutes

I. Welcome and introductions

II. Call for submission discussion

  • Didn’t get a lot of submissions
  • Adding section on Good Friday Agreement
  • Death of QEII/coronation of Charles III
    • Poke online friends, see if I can get a short opinion piece on coronation

III. other Newsletter business

IV. Update from web team/wordpress run down.

  • Barbara Maratos has kindly taken over the role of web team liaison to the Newsletter Committee (through June 2024): 
  • How tos:
  • Direct link to the Dashboard / Login
    • You can also always find this at the footer of the ESS website
  • The ESS newsletter committee page (in the “meet the community” section of the site) has all the links you need for editing the webpage (under Other Resources)
    • The Working with the ESS website page describes the roles and expectations and has links to the templates, training slides, accessibility guidelines, and “style” guide (which is more about WordPress formatting/layout than writing style)
    • Please review all the documentation and use the article templates
      • The templates have the step-by-step how-tos right on them! Easy breezy. 🙂 
  • The ESS Newsletter lives in the Newsletter section of the site
    • Barbara has created a draft 2023 Newsletter page (the main page) and a placeholder
      • I think if you’re logged in to WordPress that link will work, but if not go to
        • Dashboard > all pages > search for: ESS newsletter 2023
          • You’ll see that title in the results (it’s the 7th result on my results page)
          • Click edit from there
  • Some notes on accessibility
    • I think most likely you’ll just be working with headers, images, and links
    • A change from last year. We learned that generic language like “read more” is not best practice, so label your links with meaningful text. For good examples see the home page and slider
      • E.g. Notes from the chair…we changed it from “read more” to “read my recap” for the link.
    • A note on images
      • Be careful not to add an image multiple times
      • When you add the image block, and upload an image it goes to the media library (which you can view from Dashboard > Media)
      • If you add an image and then delete your block and want to redo…instead of uploading the image again, choose “media library” and you should see it
      • Add alt text for accessibility

Minutes submitted by [Megan Bennett, with help from Deb Raftus]