2022 June Virtual (ALA Annual) Meeting

Friday, June 03, 2022
12:00 noon, Mountain Time
Virtual, Zoom


Megan Bennett, Farmington Public LIbrary, Farmington, New Mexico (co-chair)
Masha Stephanova, Miami University (co-chair)
Brian Vetruba (University of Minnesota)
Richard Hacken
Deb Raftus


I. Welcome and introductions

II. Agenda

No agenda as such – main agenda was to look at where we were in the process of getting the newsletter submissions into the newsletter

Special Section on Ukraine

– no feature articles
– can we use the LibGuides already posted online? Do we need to ask for permission before we link to them?

The newsletter is really struggling for content

– should we send the CoS out again?
– share at the ALA meetings?


– Largest issue with getting materials posted to the newsletter is that WordPress is being WordPress
– you must create a new page for all “pages”; template is not a “template” but a working document
– you can’t attach a page to an unpublished page; you can wait to link until all of the pages have been created, publish the parent page and then link everything at once, or you can publish the pages, link them, and then unpublish them

Minutes taken by Megan Bennett