College and Medium-sized Libraries and Social Sciences and History Discussion Groups Minutes – 2016 Midwinter

ALA Midwinter Meeting, Boston

Sunday, January 10, 2016
Westin Copley Square, Courier Room


I. Welcome and Introductions

II. Weeding Decisions and Considerations

  • Availability in consortiums
  • Circulaton
  • Print vs electronic
  • Storage space constraints

Weeding decisions considerations

  • Availability in consortiums
  • Circulation
  • Print v. electronic
  • Storage space constraints
    • University of Illinois: When things went to remote, circulation went up because cataloging was improved
    • Prioritizing high use collections in the main library
  • Relevant article: “Rules of thumb for de-selecting… bound journal collections” in Collection Building
  • Know your departments: Low priorities, maybe keeping collected works of main authors in low priority areas are enough
  • Who outside of your programs might be using what you are considering weeding?
  • Archival copies
      • Meant to capture who has committed to archiving certain journal titles
      • Does something similar exist for reference materials?
    • WEST: Cooperative collection archiving, one institution agrees to keep an archival copy of a full journal run
    • Hathi trust is trying to do this for print monographs for things in their database
  • Problems with sets: do you send the index?
    • Risk of losing access
    • Cataloging the contents
    • When you are requesting a 10 volume set, you have to send 10 separate requests from storage
  • Importance of maintaining a diversity of perspectives and viewpoints in collections when weeding.