College and Medium-sized Libraries Discussion Group – ALA Annual 2023

Sunday, June 25 10:30-11:30 am
Palmer House, Burnham 1

If you are unable to attend in person, the Slavic Discussion Group will be having discussion in conjunction with this one during their online meeting.

I. Introductions

II. Gift books discussion

  • What are your official gift policies? Do your actual practices line up with policy?
  • What do you consider when adding a gift book?
  • What value do gift books bring to a collection?
  • Who designs the workflow? Who is involved in the work of evaluating and adding gift books?

III. Open discussion

  • Interlibrary loan
    • decreasing overall
    • Is it because controlled digital lending part of it?
    • Important for small libraries to augment collections
    • Language issues when Interlibrary loan staff do not have the ability to locate requested item
    • The environment is changing 
    • OhioLINK – unmediated lending through central catalog
    • Requests coming from unaffiliated users who have found your collection in WorldCat
  • Things that happened in COVID that have kept up
    • Remote services
      • Rare books library setting up webcam for virtual consultations
    • Law text books going ebooks, so fewer reserves and drop off in scanning
  • Some discussion of problem patrons and who in the Libraries deal with them