College and Medium-sized Libraries Discussion Group Minutes – 2007 Annual

ALA Annual Meeting, Washington D.C.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


  • Pamela Harris, Swarthmore College


  • Michelle Emanuel, University of Mississippi
  • Colin, University of Indiana, Graduate Student
  • Pamela Harris, Swarthmore College, Chair


Meeting called to order at 4:15pm

I. Welcome and Introductions

II. Brief Review of the CML Meeting in Seattle, Washington, 2007

  • In Seattle we had discussed the possibility of meeting virtually during mid-winter to plan the agenda for annual.
  • Further, we decided to have one and a half hour meetings in the future, not two hour meetings.
  • Consideration of scheduling conflicts at ALA also brought us to the conclusion that CML should try to meet concurrently with other discussion groups in order to avoid ‘competition’ through cross-scheduling among discussion groups meeting at the same time, and to expand interest through joint programming.

III. Call for Additional Items for the Agenda

  • Colin, currently a graduate student at University of Indiana, discussed his concerns about the job market.
  • We had a lively discussion of what he might expect to find and how to engage prospective employees with his resume and presentation.

IV. Choosing the 2007-2008 Chair and Secretary/Chair-Elect for CML

  • Michelle Emanuel agreed to be the incoming Chair of CMLDG, and Pamela Harris agreed to work with her through the next year.
  • The discussion focused on Annual 2008 and Annual 2009
    • we would like to sponsor a joint program with Special Topics Discussion Group and RUSA CODES (Collection Development) on collection development tactics for librarians who collect in more than one language, often without language expertise in all of their languages.
    • Brian Vetruba (Washington University), Pamela Harris, and Michelle Emanuel agreed to work on this together.
    • Pamela Harris will contact Lewis Reith (Georgetown University), the 2007/08 Chair of Special Topics to seek his input.
    • For Annual 2009 we might consider a program on instruction issues.
  • Publicity for the Collection Development program should be sent to WESS-L, WESS-CML, advertised to RUSA as well as posted on the WESS wiki schedule for ALA.

Minutes submitted by Pamela Harris