College and Medium-sized Libraries Discussion Group Minutes – 2021 Annual

ALA Annual Meeting, Virtual

College & Medium Sized Libraries DG

ACRL European Studies Section
ALA Annual Conference
June 22, 2021, 2:00 Eastern
Virtual Meeting


  1. Introductions
    • Julianne Haahr
    • Kathleen Smith
    • Masha Stepanova
    • Katie Gibson
  2. Changes to workflow in small libraries working from home
    • training for remote work on a short notice
    • Technology for work from home in case things change on a dime
  3. What budget cuts are people facing? How are your institutions planning for them?
  4. Remote instruction – support, what worked, what didn’t?
    • Small bite-sized pre-recorded videos 
    • Concern with now that folks have Canvas modules, libraries instructional content, we’ll see a reduction in instruction requests when we’re in person
    • Tutorial and course guides created for classes
      • Library staff tech specialists to help
    • Zoom the preferred method
    • Interaction and interactivity was hard to build in
      • Breakout room discussion – folks were more willing to interact with each other
  5. Return to office
    • When and how people are returning to work
    • Uncertainty with whether we can work flexibility
    • Returning to the office means coming back to in-person work communication issues
    • All attendees have been told we can’t ask whether people have been vaccinated
  • Open discussion
    • Multiple job responsibilities
      • Collection development suffers when we’re prioritizing multiple job responsibilities 
    • How do we define small and medium-sized
      • We let people self-define, but it’s generally people who are not R1 schools
    • Chronicle of Higher Education forum on small and medium college libraries
    • Discussion of streaming video and the increase in demand during online education 

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