College and Medium-sized Libraries Discussion Group Minutes – 2022 Midwinter

ALA Midwinter Meeting, Virtual


  • Katie Gibson, Miami University (Convener)
  • Matthew Sheehan, Fairfield University (Convener)
  • Ann Snoeyenbos, Project Muse
  • Masha Stepanova, Miami University
  • Hélène Huet, University of Florida
  • Kathleen Smith, Stanford University


I. Welcome and introductions

II. Covid Checkin

  • Staffing for instruction / reference
    • Chat staffing with work from home
    • Regular hours – one school using a company to monitor chat after hours
  • Masking rules & enforcement
    • Hiring outside company to enforce masking – since then masking compliance has been much higher
    • Undermining the perception of helpful librarian

  • Collections – what collections have been especially useful?

III. Open Discussion

  • Vaccine mandates
    • And the effect on international travel
    • On international students coming to our schools
  • Travel budgets
    • Will people have money to go to DC?

  • Webinars people have been attending that are useful
    • Middle East Librarians association has had many
    • Georgetown had some relevant to ESS topics
    • Cataloging – updating subject headings 

  • Funding strategic priorities
    • Collection development & DEI

  • Conversation for another venue: DH archiving and the need for vendors to support that

Minutes submitted by Katie Gibson