Germanists Discussion Group Agenda – 2013 Annual

ALA Annual Meeting, Chicago

Germanists Discussion Group and Romance Languages Discussion Group Joint Meeting
Sunday, June 30, 2013
1:00 – 2:30pm


  • Libby Chenault, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • Lidia Uziel, Yale University


I. Introductions and Updates

II. Panel and Group Discussion

  • “Rethinking 21st-Century Collections for Western Europe. New Directions for Collection Development in North American Research Institutions.”
    • Academic libraries are currently experiencing a period of significant upheaval due to the radical transformation of information, scholarship, technology, and academic organizations. Changes in society and technology have created a higher education environment that is globally competitive, massively accessible online, and, demographically and culturally diverse. Research and knowledge-creation have shifted from traditional, discipline-specific topics and individual scholarship to expansive, multidisciplinary topics and open-access scholarship. Publishing is moving from self-contained to disaggregated, its acquisition by research libraries is increasingly centralized, electronic, and demand driven. The changing landscape affects the ways in which our users behave and interact with technology, that universities define and differentiate themselves, that knowledge is created and disseminated, that scholars define and explore research topics, and that libraries must operate dynamically to align their mission with university.
    • Speakers:
      • “Rethinking 21st-Century Collections for Western Europe in light of The Global Dimensions of Scholarship and Research Libraries,” Dan Hazen, Associate Librarian of Harvard College for Collection Development
      • “The evolving supply chain for research libraries: acquiring non-U.S. primary research materials in the digital era,” Bernard F. Reilly, President of the Center for Research Libraries
      • “Improving Access to Essential Online Collections by Closing the Digitial Divide,” Matthew Loving, Romance Languages/Area Studies Bibliographer at University of Florida

III. Suggestions for 2014 meetings; Volunteer Opportunities

IV. Suggested Reading