Germanists/Romance Languages Discussion Group Agenda – 2021 Annual

ALA Annual Meeting, Virtual

Monday, June 21, 12-1pm CST


I. Welcome and introductions

Introduce yourself and if you’d like name a recent European film/tv show that you enjoyed

II. Discussion

Rather than organize a presentation as we did last year, we decided to have a more informal discussion on a topic that has occupied an increasing amount of time for many of us over the last several years: access to films from Europe/films in non-English European languages.  The increase in film in area studies education/research, the staggering expense of streaming licenses, the shrinking DVD market are all creating an ever-growing access issue that has no easy solutions. Discussion topics will include:

                The role of European/area studies librarians in acquiring film/developing film collections

                Streaming film and course reserves

                Copyright and international film

                Particularly tricky film categories (filmed theatrical performances, television, propaganda film, etc.)

                Purchasing streaming film directly from distributors/creators – an alternate option?

                Management of digital assets

                Register for this virtual discussion at

                Depending on the number of attendees, we may have these conversations in smaller breakout rooms and share summarized versions of the conversations to the larger group. Contact us if you have any questions/concerns!

Discussion questions

  • When in the film acquiring process is your expertise asked for? From searching the title, acquiring the title, handling rights, etc? Are you only asked if the film is particularly difficult? Do you get asked at all?
  • Are the films you collect on professor/classroom request or do you actively develop a film collection or both?
  • What’s your library’s copyright policy on films for course reserves? Can you stream from a DVD? Are students required to get their own Netflix/Hulu/Etc. accounts?
  • Is there a limit to how much streaming your library offers? When do you decide (or the reserves department decide) that a certain amount of films for a class is too much?
  • How far will you go to get rights/purchase a film? What are you allowed to do and not allowed to do re:acquisitions? Can you purchase films directly from a distributor?
  • Does the library participate in campus film festivals/discussions? How have you facilitated this in the virtual environment?
  • What vendors have you found particularly helpful with streaming film/DVDs?
  • Are there any sites/tools you find particularly helpful in locating DVDs

III. Ideas for future meetings


  • Walter Schlect, Washington University in St. Louis (Germanists Discussion Group)
  • Jeannine Berroteran, (Romance Languages Discussion Group)