Scandinavian Discussion Group Minutes – 2000 Midwinter

ALA Midwinter Meeting, San Antonio

WESS Scandinavian Discussion Group
Saturday, January 15, 2000
11:30am – 12:30pm
Saint Anthony Hotel, Peraux


  • 10 People attended.


I. Welcome and Introductions

  • The ten people in attendance introduced themselves and shared institutional news.
  • Represented were: University of Illinois/Champaign-Urbana, Cornell University, University of Kansas, University of Illinois/Chicago, Indiana University, University of California/Los Angeles, University of Wisconsin/Madison, Brigham Young University, Yale University, and Sweden’s Bibliotekstj√§nst.

II. Institutional News

  • Madison and Minnesota are in the process of developing a joint approval plan for Scandinavia.

III. Scandinavian Studies Web

  • The WESS Scandinavian Studies Web site continues to grow and provides access to an increasing number of databases.

IV. Periodical Indexes

  • Richard Hacken, Briigham Young University, led a discussion on Scandinavian periodical indexes, focusing primarily on web-based databases, including Norart (Norwegian), Libris (Sweden), Artikelbasen (Denmark), and Arto (Finland). All of these databases can be reached from the Scandinavian Studies Web under Libraries and Information Services, however, Norart and Arto require subscription.
  • Since most of us have had little experience using these databases, a small group (Anderson, Hacken, Hsu, McKim) agreed to evaluate them, including comparing their coverage to that of other indexes. Results will be posted on the Scandinavian Studies Web.

V. Annual Meeting in Chicago

  • Several possibilities for outings in Chicago were raised, including Andersenville and Augustana College (Swedish immigrant history). Marianna agreed to investigate these and to find out about other events and venues.