Scandinavian Discussion Group Minutes – 2019 Midwinter

ALA Midwinter Meeting, Seattle

ESS Scandinavian Studies Discussion Group Meeting
January 25, 2019
11:00am – 2:00pm
Nordic Museum, Seattle WA


  • Michelle Urberg
  • Dan Mandeville


  • 12 Attendees


I. Lunch and Tour of the Nordic Museum, Seattle Washington

  • A behind-the-scenes tour was provided by Michael King (education) and Fred Poyner (collections).
    • This tour allowed the discussion group attendees to see and learn about the new collections storage space, the new library space with genealogical materials, and the public exhibit spaces. Michael King, who is in charge of education at the museum described the objectives behind permanent exhibit spaces and the collection maintenance policies for items on display.
    • Fred Poyner took the group through the library and the collection spaces.
  • Important for discussion group members and ESS more broadly is that the Nordic Museum is always looking for collaboration and research partners. Librarians with connections and expertise with Nordic heritage materials are natural partners with the Nordic Museum. Poyner encouraged the cultivation of these relationships.
  • Following the tour, the group met for lunch at the caf√© Freya in the museum.
  • Suggestions were made to convene at the American Swedish Historical Museum in Philadelphia for the 2020 Midwinter meeting.
  • No formal business meeting was held, but participants were later contacted by Michelle Urberg regarding the change in charge for the Scandinavian Studies Discussion Group. The charge will be formally updated during the first quarter of 2019.