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ESS Web WordPress Team


  • Deb Raftus, ESS Web editor
  • Terri Artemchik, Home page and Slider Lead
  • Elizabeth Dawson, Resources Section Lead
  • Maria Gorbunova, Conference Section Lead
  • Hélène Huet, Accessibility Project Co-lead
  • Taylor Leigh, Meet the Community Section Lead
  • Olga Makarova, Committee Section Lead
  • Barbara Maratos, Training Lead
  • Laura Martin, Discussion Group Section Lead & Get Involved Section Lead
  • Caterina Reed, Accessibility Project Co-lead
  • Newsletter Liaison, TBD

ESS LibGuides Editors


  • British & UK Studies: Chella Vaidyanathan
  • Classics Studies: Michael Kicey, Catherine Minter
  • Dutch Studies: Joanneke Fleischauer
  • Eastern European, Russian, Eurasian Studies: Veronika Trotter, Liladhar Pendse, Maria Gorbunova, Olga Makarva, Megan Bennet
  • European Studies: Chella Vaidyanathan
  • French Studies: Hélène Huet, Holly Kuhl
  • German Studies: Susan (Sue) Widmer
  • Iberian Studies: Taylor Leigh, Laura Martin
  • Irish Studies: Elizabeth Dawson, Megan Bennet
  • Italian Studies: Téa Rokolj, Kelly Omodt
  • Medieval and Renaissance Studies: Linde M. Brocato
  • Scandinavian Studies: Mara Egherman, Christie Ericson

ESS Web History

Web Designer

  • Chelsea Davies, Web designer, metadata and taxonomy


  • Policies for the ESS website, newsletter and research guides are set by the ESS Communications & Publications Committee and the ESS Newsletter Committee

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