ESS Web History

ESS WordPress Web Team


  • Deb Raftus, ESS Web Administrator
  • Terri Artemchik, Home page and Slider Lead
  • Elizabeth Dawson, Resources Section Lead
  • Maria Gorbunova, Conference Section Lead
  • Hélène Huet, Accessibility Project Co-lead
  • Taylor Leigh, Meet the Community Section Lead
  • Olga Makarova, Committee Section Lead
  • Barbara Maratos, Training Lead and Newsletter Liaison
  • Laura Martin, Discussion Group Section Lead & Get Involved Section Lead
  • Caterina Reed, Accessibility Project Co-lead

ESS Web Migration Team & Volunteers


  • Deb Raftus, ESS Web Editor and Migration Project Manager
  • Brian Vetruba, Web Migration Team Member and Lead, ACRL ESS Libguides
  • Dick Hacken, WESSWeb Editor, Web Migration Team Member and Lead, ESS Newsletter
  • Michelle Urberg, Web Migration Team Member
  • Kathryn Kuntz, Web Migration Team Member and Lead Editor, WordPress
  • Barbara Maratos, Web Migration Team Member and Lead Editor, WordPress
  • WordPress migration volunteers
    • Megan Browndorf, Tom Harding, Taylor Leigh, Barbara Maratos, Jo McInnis, Tara Murray, Téa Rokolj, Alla Roylance, Jon Giullian
  • LibGuides migration volunteers
    • Jennifer Allison, Barbara Alvarez, Joanneke Elliott, Tom Harding, Sandra Hussey, Taylor Leigh, David Lincove, Rebecca R. Malek-Wiley, Barbara Maratos, Jo McInnis, David Morris, Jeremy Ott, Téa Rokolj, Ramona Romero, Walter Schlect, Chella Vaidyanathan, André G. Wenzel

Migration Project

The ESS Website was migrated from a WESSWeb wiki to WordPress and LibGuides between 2019 and 2022. SEES website content was integrated in 2022.

WESSWeb History

The WESSWeb Wiki content was migrated to this ESS website in 2020.

  • Founding WESSWeb coordinator: James Campbell
  • General coordinator through 2007: Reinhart Sonnenburg
  • General coordinator and wiki administrator since 2008 : Richard Hacken
  • General assistant coordinator since 2016: Deb Raftus
  • British Studies: James Kelly
  • Classical Studies: Reinhart Sonnenburg
  • Dutch Studies: Richard Hacken
  • Francophone countries: Nathalie Soini and Patrick Reidenbaugh
  • German speaking countries: Jo McInnis
  • Iberian Studies: Marianne Siegmund and Richard Hacken
  • Irish Studies: Aedin Clements
  • Italian Studies: Nathalie Soini
  • Medieval and Renaissance: Thomas Izbicki and Paul Victor, Jr.
  • Scandinavian Studies: Richard Hacken
  • Social Sciences and History: Chella Vaidyanathan